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Sandler Sales Academy LIVE Online


These are unique and challenging times for our country and our economy, but given our culture of overcoming adversity, American businesses and American salespeople will figure out a way to adapt and overcome.The way we sell will have to change.

Are you ready to figure out a better way to work? Or are you hoping that this too will pass and eventually “things will get back to normal” and risk being left behind?

In the spirit of adapting, we have now moved our Sandler Training Foundations training program to a live online classroom. The program consists of nine modules, each 60 minutes in length. All the modules will be run on a continuous basis so students can start at any point eventually get all the content within four weeks.

While we believe all of the Sandler Training content is tremendously valuable, specific attention will be given to strategies and techniques for selling virtually and on the telephone as this is the new reality for the coming months

Enabling your success is what matters to us most. As part of our Foundations program, we are offering a full year’s access to Sandler Online with more than 2,000 hours of reinforcement video, as well as workbooks and exercises to increase your ability to execute. As an added bonus, students will have the opportunity to earn Sandler Training’s “Bronze Certification.” This certification is an effective and measurable way to increase sales and success. In addition, we will welcome any student to repeat any class in the Virtual Foundations series at no charge. We are also including a coaching and sales strategy session for each individual enrolled in the program.


Class is led by Robin Green and Matt Nettleton online twice weekly. Training will be delivered and recorded in a Zoom Meeting. All participants will be required to have their video on to ensure engagement. Also, virtual breakout rooms are utilized to give space for role-play and application discussions. At the conclusion of the program, each attendee will have the option of pursuing Sandler Training Bronze Certification pending completion of the training in online reinforcement assignments.

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Program Outline

  • Session 1: Why have a sales system?

  • Session 2: Strategies for effective communication

  • Session 3: The Art of Mutual Commitment

  • Session 4: Strategies for Discovery and Exploring

  • Session 5: Uniquely personal reasons to change

  • Session 6: Understanding and fighting for Budget

  • Session 7: Decision Fulfillment and Post Sell

  • Session 8: Improving your “BAT”ing average

  • Session 9: Building a Cookbook and Prospecting Behavior

  • Optional Bronze Level Sales Certification

Sixty minutes three times per week.
Includes access to live training for 90 days, a live one-on-one coaching appointment, 1 year access to Sandler Online and the option to pursue Sandler Training Bronze Certification. Access is limited, if you are ready to enroll contact Robin Green Sandler Training Richmond at 804-914-1723.

Inspiring HR would be a completely different company if I hadn't had the good fortune of working with Robin. What a difference he has made in my approach to sales, management and leadership as a whole.

Mindy Flanigan, Founder & CIO, Inspiring HR, LLC.