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2016 has been a year of many successes. Whether you are a sales representative, a sales manager, or simply interested in learning more about trending topics in the sales industry, we hope you have gathered some key insights from our blog this year. Before moving into 2017, we would like to take a look back and highlight some important topics from 2016.

How to Succeed at Sales: The Solution

By Mike Montague in Sales Process

Mike goes through the Sandler Selling System in order to give the key to success in the sales world. Stealth selling is a vital tool in the sales arsenal. It involves talking to prospects as if you are not trying to sell them anything. Rather, you are trying to figure out what they need and then helping them form a decision that is correct for them. The best way to do this is to engage with them. Change your personality style based on theirs and treat them how they want to be treated. Make the meeting participatory instead of making it a one-way presentation. Then, you must qualify the prospect. This simply means finding out if they are a good fit for you and if you are for them. Agreements have been made throughout the whole meeting process, but at the end of the meeting you will want confirmation on what has been discussed. Finally, a contract and set of expectations should be set up, as well as a referral relationship.

Three Simple Steps That Will Keep Your Team Aligned with Your Company’s Big 2017 Goals

By Dave Mattson in Management & Leadership

Dave explains how teams tend to focus on small tasks that pop up throughout the year instead of on the larger goals that are set at the beginning of the year. He gives three concise steps on how to manage this problem. The first two steps deal with including the team in the goals and the process, as well as taking into consideration the team’s personal goals and their strengths and weaknesses. The third goal is measuring the performance of the team and making sure that all goals, long and short term, are met. In short, if you involve your team with the goal setting process, keep them aware of their progress, and keep record of the proper metrics, then you will stay on track and meet your goals.

Sales is Part Behavior & Part Art

By Susan Villamena in Self Development

Susan states salespeople’s everyday struggles as well as who salespeople actually are and why they are different than other people within the company. Salespeople are motivated by the thought of selling a product or a service that is worth buying, and by getting the prospect to believe in the product or service as much as they do. They set goals for themselves and are competitive about the goals. Constant improvement is one of the ideals that salespeople attempt to achieve. They do this through reading articles and books about sales in order to refine their sales process. Successful salespeople will also take a moment to realize their short comings, and then they will learn from that and press on. It all boils down to the fact that salespeople ultimately want to control their financial destiny through constant improvement and dedication to the company’s prospects.

How to Make Your First Impression Count with a Prospective Client

By Steve Howell in Professional Development

First impressions are important. Steve creates a checklist on successful first impressions. Before the meeting with the client, make sure that you are well groomed and dressed appropriately. In the first few seconds that you meet a client, you should exchange pleasantries. This means: smile, look them in the eye, and shake their hand. Speak clearly and at a reasonable volume. Then cut to the chase and start the discussion off with what the client needs from you. Lastly, it’s important to have a cohesive digital presence. Create a mission statement that is geared toward your prospective clients and your social media presence should follow this statement.

3 Key Things You and Your Team Need to Do to Prep for Fall Selling and Close the Year Strong

By Dave Mattson in Prospecting & Qualifying

Dave goes into detail on getting through the slow summer months and coming out on top with his tips on fall preparations. Nurturing leads and existing clients is a great place to start for the fall renewal. Setting up meetings, researching leads, and keeping in contact with clients are all great ways to nurture your current and future clients. Prepare for the holidays by using holiday messaging in sales tactics. Also, look at trends from prior years and analyze your competitive landscape. Build your brand reputation by posting helpful articles and open ended questions to keep clients coming back. End the year successfully with good planning and execution.

Delivering Personalized Service For Exceptional Customer Care

By Markku Kauppinen in Customer Relationships

Markku discusses customer service and how it isn’t about a customer service goal, but rather the customer service experience. The four major personality types drive the customer’s experience with the service provided to them. Markku talks about the importance of employees knowing their own style to provide experiences that they, themselves, would appreciate. Employees need to learn to pay attention to subtleties that will help establish what particular style their customer has, which will then help them modify their customer service approach to give an excellent service to their customer.


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