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Richmond, VA - A local non-profit in Richmond has received a $17,500 scholarship from Sandler Training.

“I’m thrilled that CA Human Services was selected as Sandler’s 2020 scholarship recipient! I’m looking forward to the weekly professional development and can’t wait to apply what I learn across our business practices so we can have even more of an impact on services for people with autism and developmental disabilities,” said Jessica Philips, President & CEO of CA Human Services.

CA Human Services, founded in 1995, received the scholarship from Sandler Training Richmond by Ascend Performance. The organization was founded by a group of frustrated parents of children with autism. They tirelessly worked to bridge the services gaps their families faced. Still passionate about serving people with autism, their mission has expanded to include systems level work for all types of developmental disabilities.

Sandler Training is an international training and development organization with local operations in Richmond. They are dedicated to empowering organizations and individuals the ability to achieve both professional and personal growth through sales, management and leadership development.

“Non-profit organizations give so much to our community and work so hard to help others. Often, they don’t have the resources left to help themselves. They don’t invest in training and development, because they feel like they would be taking money or resources away from the people they are serving. In reality, training and development with their staff can enable them to help more people by growing their capabilities and resources. We are proud to award it to CA Human Services for 2020,” said Robin Green, President, Sandler Training in Richmond.

The scholarship provided is valued at $17,500 for professional development training. The scholarship includes one full year of the award-winning Sandler Sales Mastery Program, coaching and topical boot camps throughout the year.


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