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Keith Reynolds is a native of Culpeper, VA and attended college at the University of Richmond. After a successful career in banking, one that saw him rise through the ranks quickly, he discovered a love for connecting people. He turned that passion into a successful business, as he and a partner founded Synapse, a referral networking organization with a unique twist - partnerships with non-profit organization.

Keith shares a couple of wonderful stories about how Synapse is making a difference in the lives of members - and even prompts my memory about a goodwill project that my wife and I helped with when her hometown was ravaged by floodwaters. It didn't occur to me until the end of our conversation that it was at a Synapse meeting where I made a connection that led to helping out some elementary school kids in West Virginia. I'm guessing that every member of Synapse has a great story to tell.

The story Keith tells at the end (I won't spoil it here) is worth the listen. Amazing.


Thanks to my friend Jay Smack for providing the intro to the podcast. You can find him here.


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