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Welcome to Episode 019 of the Lead. Learn. Grow. podcast. In this episode, we chat with Michael Bor, the Founder and CEO of CarLotz.

Michael has an undergraduate degree from Lehigh University and earned an MBA at the Harvard Business School.

Michael takes us on a fascinating journey through an entrepreneurial journey that began as a teenager, putting small screws onto a small box, and led him to founding one of the fastest-growing private companies in North America. Listen to Michael talk about his trusted notebook, where he'd sketch out one-page business plans on a variety of ideas - one of which led to CarLotz.

Michael is a leader in Richmond's fast-growing entrepreneur ecosystem and shares a number of key concepts and ideas that'll help you in your business and life.

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On the podcast, I announce a complimentary training session I'll be doing on the morning of June 20th on Digital Prospecting at (fingers crossed!) our new Sandler Training Center. When this releases to the public, it will fill up quickly. As a podcast listener, you can save a seat by texting "SAVE MY SEAT" to 804.914.1723.


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