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Over the past several years, I’ve written a blog post listing my favorite books of the year. When we do our is-anybody-actually-reading-any-of-this-stuff marketing review at the end of the year, the “books” blog post is always one of the most popular. 

Here is last year’s post. 2019 is here. And finally, 2018 is here.

First, a short commercial for the value of reading. If you are a leader, I hope you regularly engage with content and ideas that are not your own. In today’s world, that can be physical books, electronic books, audiobooks, podcasts, blog posts, or even our very own weekly, The Huddle. Leaders who aren’t learning new things, over time, lose some of their potency as a leader. The message becomes stale and bland. We read to clarify our thinking. We read to put ourselves, vicariously, in the shoes of others—what would we do if given similar circumstances?

Before we get to my list, I want to encourage you to compile your list. I’d love it if you’d share your list with me. More importantly, share with your team. Our job as leaders is to grow and develop our people. Encouraging them to be lifelong learners—and you being the example—is a great leadership tactic. You may have heard of Bill Gates. He is a regular these-are-my-favorite-books guy. If you aren’t a reader right now, vow to put out your list next year.

Below are the seven books that I liked the best from my 2021 reading, in no particular order.

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