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The Lead. Learn. Grow. Podcast is launched! Listen now!

Full confession. I love podcasts. I’ve been listening to them for years. I remember “back in the day”, taking my iPod (remember those?), hooking up to my laptop with a cord and downloading a bunch of podcast episodes to my device. And when I listened, I’d delete and load up for more. It took great commitment back in the old days! I’ve listened to thousands of hours of content. And it never occurred to me that I’d like to have my own. Until recently.

I’m not sure when it hit me…but I’ve had it on my mind for several months. I’m going to do a podcast! No. That’s a bad idea. You don’t have time. You don’t know how to do it. You aren’t really a techie. And you HATE hearing yourself on a recording. But I think it’d be good. I know a lot of interesting people. And you love stories. In fact, your kids make fun of you because when you meet someone new, you always ask them “So…what’s your story?” The kids cringe…again. Don’t do it. You REALLY have no idea how it’s done. Your plate is full. I’m doing it! And off we go.

Episode 001 is special to me. Aside from it being the first episode (I won’t lie…when I saw it listed in iTunes, I smiled a smile of accomplishment), I really admire and respect Peter Larsen. He’s such an interesting guy and in many ways, is what this podcast is all about. Lead. Step out from the crowd and put yourself out there. Risk failure. Don’t worry about what others think. Learn. Have a growth mindset. If something is working, figure out why. Read and listen to those who are where you want to be. Open your mind to new things. Grow. Seek to be better today than you were yesterday. Examine your habits and behaviors. Think less about achieving and more about being.

Peter takes us through a fascinating journey. From being a college drop-out (at least for a bit) to selling books door-to-door in a town he’d never heard of. So many lessons learned that he has carried forward in his career. How he overcame losing a job mid-career and his success hacks that have made him one of the top sales professionals in Central Virginia. It’s a great story! And Peter is a great storyteller!

Lots of little nuggets of wisdom in this show. If you like it, don’t forget to subscribe (it’s free), rate and review the show. Let’s continue to Lead. Learn. Grow.

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