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When I ask sales professionals what holds them back, they usually respond with some version of "If I only had more time in the day." If you are a sales leader, you've heard the same song. It's not true.

Never say I don't have enough time. Instead, say, it's not a priority.

Sales is a game of efficiency. The top performers are able to prioritize high-value activities better than those that struggle.

In my sales training business, there are four common inefficiencies I see when we begin with clients.

How many do you recognize?

A sales process that is broken

Without an effective sales process, prospects aren't vetted thoroughly early in the process. Needs aren't clearly identified. Budget discussions are saved for the end. Decision processes are murky. All of the objections pile up at the end and things come to a halt.

Afraid of a No

If you are going to get a no, when would you like to get it? As soon as possible! When you are afraid of getting a no, it leads to multiple bad selling behaviors.

Creative Prospecting Avoidance

Getting ready to get ready. Spending 20 minutes doing "research" for a cold call that has a 98% chance of landing in voice mail. Straightening your desk and getting to Inbox Zero because "when I'm organized, I do better on my calls." It's a common theme. Prospecting avoidance comes in many forms.

Following Up

Follow-up is one of the mantras of sales. Be persistent! Always follow-up! Follow-up is often another word for "chasing." If you are good, you'll have clear, mutually agreed-upon next steps that are on the calendar. You won't be making those desperate follow-up calls.

If you spend a lot of time in follow-up mode, you likely have a broken sales process.

Most salespeople are not "too busy." They are inefficient.

Stop doing these 4 things and you'll see your sales grow.


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