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Join Betsy Moore, interior design expert and artist, as she talks about the life of a creative.

Listen to Jeremy share his entrepreneurial journey and how his company has been one the RVA Top 25 Fastest Growing Company List and 2019's Best Workplaces

Lead. Learn. Grow. Podcast Episode 023 - Keith Reynolds, Co-Founder, Synapse: listen to Keith as he talks about his journey from being an extreme introvert to co-founding a successful referral networking organization.

Join us as Tripp Costen discusses his lessons learned running the family business and how he has been influenced by those that came before him.

Listen in as Dennis shares his fascinating journey through the world of sports marketing.

Join Jay Markiewicz as he discusses his students passion for entrepreneurship, why listening is hard, and how he sees life a series of mini-experiments.

Join us as Rick Whittington shares his learnings from a year spent developing a reading habit and some great strategies to get your business in front of more prospects.

If you aren’t in the basketball world, you may not have heard of Kevin Eastman. But he’s kind of a big deal. Kevin is a New Jersey native who currently resides in Richmond, VA. Kevin has been involved with basketball in some form or fashion since the late 1970’s. He’s a University of Richmond graduate (and a member of the school’s athletic Hall of Fame). Kevin has coached at a number of institutions throughout the country and spent the better part of a decade in the NBA.

Episode 007 of the Lead. Learn. Grow podcast features Kyle talks about his journey as a business owner, his work with athletes, nutrition, sleep and more.

Episode 006 of the Lead. Learn. Grow. podcast features Mark Casper talks about finding his purpose in leading the fastest growing military-related foundation in the US.

Episode 005 of the Lead. Learn. Grow. podcast features Rob White, the owner of Fastsigns of Richmond.

Episode 004 is with Doug Moran. Doug wrote the best-selling book, "If You Will Lead", a deep dive into leadership using the Rudyard Kipling's "If" as a backdrop. We talk about why this poem had such an impact on Doug and the process he went through in writing the book.

In this episode, Mark Morton, owner of Morton, joins us for a great discussion on how he has built a company that has appeared on the Inc. 5000's Fastest Growing Companies list four different times. He details what he learned growing up in the family hardware business and when he knew the world was changing. We talk about culture, work-life balance, and the importance of having peer mentors.

Jonathan Young, a faculty member and Director of Corporate Relations at Virginia State University takes us from the power of authenticity to lessons learned from his father. Jonathan describes what it's like to run for office - and some of the challenges when you win!

Peter takes us through a fascinating journey. From being a college drop-out (at least for a bit) to selling books door-to-door in a town he’d never heard of. So many lessons learned that he has carried forward in his career. How he overcame losing a job mid-career and his success hacks that have made him one of the top sales professionals in Central Virginia. It’s a great story! And Peter is a great storyteller!