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Customer Care

Mike Montague interviews Aaron Montgomery on How to Succeed at Suspending Your Disbelief. Aaron wrote Suspend Your Belief to help others learn the importance that every experience is an opportunity to grow, learn, and share and that by sharing your knowledge you can help others on the way too.

Mike Montague interviews Kristen Cox, a former government official and management expert, on How to Succeed at Making Real Progress. Kristen is a co-author of Stop Decorating the Fish.

Remember the childhood game of whispering a phrase to someone and asking them to pass it on? By the time it reached the fourth or fifth person, the meaning of the original phrase was lost! Then, it amused us; in customer care, it can be costly.


Mike Montague interviews Ray Setter on How to Succeed at Customer Service.


Can we be real? Can we clear the smoke and address the truth? Can you consider that you may be setting the bar too low with your customer service team?  Who in your company engages with customers more than your frontline team? Why are we content with just setting the bar at being “nice order takers?” The best companies have a strategic customer care team. They are part of the growth plan. They play a vital role in the offense.