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Trevor Jarres, an Account Manager with C&K South, has been named the Client of the Year for Sandler in Richmond. Trevor is based in Decatur, AL and has been a Sandler client since 2019.

C&K South is an industrial sales company based in Watkinsville, GA, and a previous Sandler in Richmond Company of the Year.

Robin Green, President of Sandler in Richmond said, “Trevor embodies the attributes of a great training partner. The growth he has experienced internally is exceeded only by the growth of his territory. It’s remarkable to compare his sales numbers from a couple of years ago to today. Trevor embodies a growth-mindset and has embraced the Sandler concepts from Day 1. I give a lot of credit to Trevor and his leaders, Allen Caprera and Bryan Clower. Sandler is really just a small part of the equation. It starts with Trevor and the culture Bryan and Allen have created. I’m proud to be a small part of his journey.”

“Sandler has given me a construct I was unaware of before. It has really shifted my paradigm around how to be a professional salesperson,” Jarres commented. “I have a better understanding of how to approach, interact with, and lead customers which has allowed me to double my sales in the last two years.”

Previous winners of the Client of the Year award are Kevin Kemerer, President of Precision Pump & Valve Service in Cross Lanes, WV, and Andrew Belcher, an insurance underwriter with Continental Underwriters in Richmond, VA.

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