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Investing in a college education is, aside from a home, perhaps the largest investment a family will make. And the challenge is that most folks make this huge investment with very little information. Some word of mouth. Maybe a meeting with a school counselor. A campus tour. The time invested verses the financial commitment doesn’t match.

And what about choosing a major? College-bound kids don’t usually have perspective on different majors and fields of study. And what kind of jobs do these majors lead to? Is the student even suited for those jobs? Will they, through instincts, be able to choose a field that is the perfect fit?

70% of college students change their major once they get on campus. This “searching” is expensive. Just one more semester - due to this indecision - can add thousands of dollars to the tuition bill. And this doesn’t even consider the individuals who are working in careers that leave them less than fulfilled.

If you’d like to learn more about how to get a data-driven assessment plus a coaching session and development plan that will help your student learn about themselves, explore how they match in the majors they are most interested, plus get 10 fields of study that are their best fit, contact me at 804.914.1723 or email me at


In addition to a long career as a sales leader, Robin Green has spent a number of years in Higher Education. He was Director of Admissions at a four-year public college and was the Sales Director of a company that helped college and university enrollment leaders grow their enrollments. 

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