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Congratulations to Daybreak IT Solutions in Richmond, VA, for being named the Ascend Performance, powered by Sandler, Company of the Year. Daybreak is a proven, trusted, hardworking Information Technology Solutions company that prides itself on being different. Traditional staffing is a numbers game. Clients have budgets and schedules, and recruiters have deadlines and quotas. Founders Sonny Gupta and Vinnie Wright started Daybreak to be different. They know there had to be a better – a more personal, empathetic way – to serve clients and candidates.

Ranking as one of the top 5,000 fastest-growing private companies, Daybreak has broken the mold on excellence in the IT recruiting space. They are an excellent company, and they wanted to be better.

Engaging Sandler Training was part of a strategic move during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Robin Green, President of Sandler Training in Richmond, laughs as he recalls the discovery meeting at the Daybreak office in Scott’s Addition. “I had a meeting with Vinnie and Sonny. We were talking about what we would do, how we would do it, how much it would cost…the whole nine yards. In the background, ESPN was on in the reception area. March Madness was being shut down. Panic was setting in. The world was changing in the moment.” Green says it was a tad awkward to discuss the future when the present was so uncertain. “I admire Sonny and Vinnie because everything in the world was telling them to hold on, sit tight. Ride it out. But they believe in their firm. They believe in their people. They wanted to invest in them while they were figuring out the future. It’s no secret why they have had the success they have had. That’s what winners do.”

Scott Staib, Daybreak’s Recruiting Manager, shared that “Sandler has provided us with a script for success. We can adapt and modify, but the script is there. It has shown us a clear path on the behaviors that drive our success. My favorite part of Sandler is the constant reinforcement and follow-up. I see the confidence in our recruiting team growing every day – and Sandler has been a big part of our individual and team achievements.”

Daybreak is the 2021 Client of the Year based on their commitment to the principles they were learning in the training sessions. Each member of their team completed Sales Certification. They doubled down on a coaching culture that was already in place, and they made time to discuss and practice the things they were learning. “If I could offer a prescription for how to make the most of our training program, I’d use Daybreak as an example. It’s difficult to change the culture around sales and business development. But, the Daybreak team demonstrated that, with commitment, it could be done.”

Daybreak is the second company that Ascend Performance has recognized as Company of the Year. Last year, the training and development firm recognized C&K South, an industrial sales company based in Watkinsville, GA, as the recipient.

For more information about how Ascend Performance is helping organizations across various industries change their outcomes, contact Robin Green at (804) 914-1723 or

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