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There are 5 Ways Sales Organizations Lose Steam in February

Attend an interactive training workshop to find out why your team has lost steam or will lose steam... and what you can do about it.

Sales Training, Sales Management, and Sales System Development


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Sandler Training RVA | Ascend Performance is open and available. We are offering remote training and coaching during this market change.

Complimentary Coaching Menu

Coaching Menu

Tired of Unproductive Coaching Sessions?

Looking for a proven checklist of questions and topics to cover in your next training session, sales call, or internal team check-in? Download our Coaching Menu for a checklist that can help you and your team reach their business goals.


Join the Huddle!

Your weekly source of sales leadership news delivered directly to your inbox. Leaders are busy - but they must always be learning. We offer a (mostly) weekly email with sales and leadership insights.

Crush Your Quota!

The use of a Sales Process is increasing but can still be improved. Discover your strengths and weaknesses to be proactive with improving your sales. Unlock your full sales potential with this FREE sales effectiveness assessment.

Sales Strategy, Sales Process, & Sales Consulting

We possess extensive experience in sales, sales management, organization leadership, sales process, planning, and customer acquisition. We’re ready to work with you to maximize your sales initiatives and results.

Sandler Sales Mastery Training

This high-level program has been developed exclusively for the committed leader or sales professional. Participants will receive over 90 hours of the best sales training methodologies available. The reinforcement model of bite-sized training over a period of time ensures maximum ROI.

Private, Customized Programs

We can customize our programs to address your company’s specific needs and challenges. For a number of our clients, we come onsite at your facilities.

“Robin has been able to bring out hidden talents in me that I never knew how to unlock. He made no guarantees about immediate increase in business, and only promised to work hard to help us if we were willing to do the same. The end result after the first year were record sales, record-size orders, improved morale, energy and teamwork. This past year was the most enjoyable year I've had professionally.”

- Kevin Kemerer, President, 

Precision Pump and Valve Service

“Inspiring HR would be a completely different company if I hadn't had the good fortune of working with Robin. What a difference he has made in my approach to sales management and leadership as a whole."

- Mindy Flanigan, Chief Inspiration Officer of Inspiring HR,

Inspiring HR

“Sandler training has helped Filtroil and its employees take control of the sales process. We are closing bigger orders and doing it more often and have also used the training to implement a great plan for 2021 that will ensure fantastic growth.”

- Jeremy Leahman, Owner,


Sandler Strategic Sales Management

Sales managers are an important part of your sales success. Whether you are the owner “playing” sales manager or this is your full-time role, we often find managers are the least trained group in any company. In this monthly workshop, you’ll learn what it takes to reach the next level.

Online Sales Training Courses

We offer a full slate of programs that are delivered in a live, interactive format that you’ll engage with one-to-one –virtually! Supported by a vast library of resources in Sandler Online, our clients engaged in the live content once monthly. Courses available include Sales Mastery, Enterprise Account Selling, Management, and Coaching.

Here are some of the reasons that sales professionals contact us:

I have a great service - I just am not very good at sales.

I struggle to prospect - especially in the first 30 seconds of a prospecting conversation.

We have an experienced team and they just won't prospect. They are order takers

My top salesperson has great relationships. But he drops the price and throws in extra services at the first sign of an objection. Our margins are thin already.

It's like each of my sales team members seemingly speak a different language. We need to get on the same page.

As my business has grown, I find myself basically being a sales manager. And I don't know what to do.

I get a lot of stalls and objections and I don't know how to handle them.

Our biggest client makes up half our sales. It keeps me up at night worrying about losing them.

Meet Robin Green

Robin Green was born to coach. As a college student, he coached a group of 12-year olds to a state baseball championship. After receiving a Master’s Degree from the University of Tennessee, his first job was coaching college baseball. He’s always been fascinated by the psychology of high performance.

In the late 1990’s, he entered the world of sales. Unprepared yet full of vim and vigor, by his second year in the field, he was the top sales representative for a Fortune 50 company. Rising quickly through the corporate ranks, Robin held many different roles of increasing responsibility and was recognized as a top sales leader. He was known throughout the company as a great coach. A leader who had a knack for finding good people and challenging them to be their best – and getting results. In his 15-years as a frontline salesperson and manager, he missed his quota one time. But the entrepreneur itch started to surface. Leaving his multinational company and joining a small private company in the higher education space, he again assembled a sales team that doubled sales in a two-year period. And the itch kept coming back.

Finally, Robin took a leap to pursue his dream of owning his own company. Partnering with the premier sales training organization in the world, Sandler Training, Robin has brought his talents and skills to companies in a variety of industries. He believes that selling skills can be learned. No one was born to be in sales. But with the right attitude, behaviors and a process, anyone can achieve their dreams as a sales professional.