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Ready to Take Your Sales Organization to the Next Level?

Top producing companies instill winning Behaviors, Attitudes, and Techniques in order to create Reliable, Predictable, and Repeatable results.  

Do you want to be one of them?

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Sandler Training RVA | Ascend Performance offers in-person and  remote training and coaching to meet your personal and professional development needs.

Want to see what Sandler is all about?

Request access to sit in on a client session, either with sales professionals or managers.  From time-to-time, we allow qualified individuals to join us in one of our live or virtual client sessions.  See how Sandler is helping companies grow revenue and reach goals they never thought possible.  

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How We Work With Sales Teams and Sales Managers

“Robin has been able to bring out hidden talents in me that I never knew how to unlock. He made no guarantees about immediate increase in business, and only promised to work hard to help us if we were willing to do the same. The end result after the first year were record sales, record-size orders, improved morale, energy and teamwork. This past year was the most enjoyable year I've had professionally.”

- Kevin Kemerer, President, 

Precision Pump and Valve Service

“Inspiring HR would be a completely different company if I hadn't had the good fortune of working with Robin. What a difference he has made in my approach to sales management and leadership as a whole."

- Mindy Flanigan, Chief Inspiration Officer of Inspiring HR,

Inspiring HR

“The results have been truly amazing. We have built a predictable, sustainable sales engine. We have been in business more than 21 years and since working with Robin, we have had our best results...even during a pandemic. Our company has benefitted greatly from this partnership.”

- Bill Lopez, Principal,

Strategic Solutions of Virginia

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Here are some of the reasons that sales professionals contact us:

I have a great service - I just am not very good at sales.

I struggle to prospect - especially in the first 30 seconds of a prospecting conversation.

We have an experienced team and they just won't prospect. They are order takers

My top salesperson has great relationships. But he drops the price and throws in extra services at the first sign of an objection. Our margins are thin already.

It's like each of my sales team members seemingly speak a different language. We need to get on the same page.

As my business has grown, I find myself basically being a sales manager. And I don't know what to do.

I get a lot of stalls and objections and I don't know how to handle them.

Our biggest client makes up half our sales. It keeps me up at night worrying about losing them.