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If you are like me, the end of the year allows for a time of reflection. A chance to look back at the past 12 months and think about our victories and successes. Invariably, I also allow some of my frustrations to creep in. We entered the year with, no doubt, some aspirations that we didn’t attain. And often, it’s things we have repeatedly struggled and failed to achieve.

Why is it so hard? Why do we have the greatest of intentions yet we go back to what’s comfortable?

Why is it so hard? Because it is so hard! We are trying to break old habits. Overcome the resistance. The fear. Have you noticed how much of our lives are lived on automatic pilot? No thinking. Just do the same things, show up the same way, and live in the very comfortable world that we know.

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves how long we have been doing the same things – daily, monthly, yearly even. And because we get a chance to start over on January 1, things are going to be different? Why will they be different? If the only thing that has changed is you now have a new calendar hanging on the wall or your LED readout on your smartwatch says “JAN” instead of “DEC”…well, I’ve got news for you. Nothing is changing. And it won’t change. Until you change.

In the world of sales, I see a tremendous amount of “winging it.” No plan, no goals, and no actions. Lots of hard work…and lots of hope. I hear things like “We get most of our business from referrals.” Is that you? Then, the question becomes, “What’s your goal for the number of referrals you ask for each week?” If you don’t have a goal, you’re winging it. Sorry. But you are.

Does your sales team suffer from a dysfunction called Premature Presentation? Do you present to quickly to prospects who are not yet qualified? Do you want the sale more than the prospect wants your product?

Showing up without a process or without a plan is both inefficient and ineffective. It’s also very expensive.

Will this be the year that you finally decide that “same ole same ole” is not going to fly?

If you want to make 2018 the year you disrupt the usual routine and achieve your aspirations, join us at our upcoming Sales Bootcamp on January 26th in Richmond, VA. In this one-day event, you’ll learn to take control of the sales process and implement a proven system that will allow you to be more efficient – and more effective. The cost is $699 and includes one-year access to our Online Learning Platform. Click here to Register for the Jump Start Your Sales for 2018 Bootcamp.

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