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If you aren’t in the basketball world, you may not have heard of Kevin Eastman. But he’s kind of a big deal. Kevin is a New Jersey native who currently resides in Richmond, VA. Kevin has been involved with basketball in some form or fashion since the late 1970’s. He’s a University of Richmond graduate (and a member of the school’s athletic Hall of Fame). Kevin has coached at a number of institutions throughout the country and spent the better part of a decade in the NBA. 
Today, Kevin is a notable speaker and consultant, with clients in both the athletics and business. Kevin recently authored a book called “Why the Best are the Best.” Click the link to order from Kevin’s website or you can find it on Amazon in various formats by clicking here. It’s a good read. If you’d like to book Kevin for a corporate event, you can find complete information here. 
Our wide-ranging conversation was filled with pearls of wisdom. Kevin talks about the two types of ego’s, the difference between confidence and being cocky. He shares a great story about Kevin Garnett and how we can use the concept in our lives. We also talk about how Kevin’s philosophy of always saying yes to opportunities lead him down a winding road to the NBA. Kevin Eastman is a leader and a learner - and he pours it out for us in Episode 009.
Kevin’s discussion reminds me that he has spent a lot of time coaching Millennials. I wanted to ask him about that - I get the question myself occasionally - but we didn’t have time. But here’s a terrific webinar we did on “Hiring, Managing, and Motivating Millennials.” It’s free and you can access it here.
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